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Ways to Help a Stray Dog or Cat


Do you need to know how to get an esa letter online? If you have a lot of dogs in your neighborhood then seeing a stray pet every now and then is quite common. You must have seen a pooch or kitty wandering around aimlessly, what to do if you come across any such lost pet? Help it of course.


Helping a stray pet will help it to reunite with its lost parents. But, may of us do not know how to to it. Following are some ways and steps to help a stray dog reunite with its home.



  1. Try to Coax the Animal into Coming to You

If you want to help the dog or the ESA letter cat that is lost then at first you must make sure that you do not scare the animal away. If it is in a crowded area then wait for it to go somewhere safe. 

Do not try to run after it else you may startle it. It is especially true in the case of dogs, a scared dog is a threat to itself and to you as well.

The best way of doing it is to talk to it in gentle voice and offer some food to coax it into coming to you.


  1. Put a Leash on It

Once the dog comes to you, you can try to put a leash on it. However, make sure that you do it as slowly and unnoticeably as possible. Most of the time, the ESA letter for housing dog may scare and run away when you try to restrain it.


In case of a cat, try to restrain it into a cage or if you do not have a cage, keep it in your lap.


  1. Check it for ID

Check the dog or the cat for ID card. Usually, the pet parents have a card around their pet or emotional support animal’s neck so that whoever finds their pet could contact them easily. Besides ID cards, many pet parents have microchips inserted into the dog’s or cat's body. The dog's wellbeing and joy are as much identified with being prepared and kept clean, all things considered to the eating regimen and exercise. An esa letter sample can be used to check how the letter looks like and support your dog


In case you do not find any ID on them, take it to the veterinarian doctor and get it checked for microchips. 


  1. Share its Picture on Social Media

If you do not find any clues of the animal’s ownership then post their pictures on social media and ask your contacts to share the pictures with their contacts. Hopefully, the actual owner will also be looking for its lost pet and come across your post. Ensure you realize where to cut the nail from and what items to apply to stop the dying. An emotional support animal letter sample can be use to support your dog


  1. Decide what do You Want to Do Next

If you could not trace the animal’s actual owners then you should decide what you want to do now. The best option is to take the animal to a pet shelter but you can also adopt it if you have grown a liking for it.


In case you were looking for an emotional support animal and found that this stray pup or kitty has everything to lift your spirits then you should apply for an ESA letter. Before deciding to work with a therapist or a company, make sure that you see a emotional support animal registration to be sure of your decision.


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