Defination of Tajweed

It is a science by which one gets to know the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters and this is by way of knowing the articulation points of those letters and their permanent and temporary characteristics and the precepts annexed to them. In other words, it is the giving of the letter's rights and dues with respect to its articulation point and characteristics. muqaddimah al jazariyyah


Imaam ibn Al-Jazari's definition : Imam ibn Al-Jazari رحمه الله has given a very comprehensive definition of Tajweed; encompassing all the basic requisites for the protection of the tongue from mistakes and by highlighting the most common mistakes one may do while reciting the Quran.

In his definition, he also highlighted the wrong concept of “recitation” of the Qur'an which is common in the contemporary reciters and is really an alarming issue. He first begins with expounding the right conceptualization of Tajweed and then gives a list of wrong concepts and practices of articulating the letters of the Arabic language.

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